Friday, August 5, 2011

a municipality called Perl

I just discovered accidentally that there is a German location called "Perl", close to the Luxemburg border.

Maybe a place to consider for the next YAPC ?,_Saarland


  1. This place is magical (Luxemburg + France + Germany), but, it not have enough hotel beds (136).

  2. That would be enough for a workshop though...

  3. How about transportation? train?

  4. I did a lightning talk about that city at the French Perl Workshop in Calais in 2010. In part because I've been to that city just a few days before the event, but also because the event was on June 11th and 12th, about 25 years after the signature of the Schengen Agreement (signed June 14th 1985). And Perl (the city) is just at the corner of the border with both France and Luxembourg. Schengen is just the name of one of the other villages, on the Luxembourg side. So the agreement could have been named "The Perl Agreement".

    The slides of my talk:
    Perl on OpenStreetMap:
    The Schengen Agreement, signed on June 14th 1985: