Friday, January 14, 2011

good luck to Plat-forms 2011 Perl teams

I just learned from Gabor Szabo's blog that the 2011 Plat-forms programming contest is taking place next week, and that 3 excellent Perl teams are participating. This is great news !

In my last blog entry (August 2010 ... so long ago!), I mentioned the importance of that contest for the image of Perl outside of our community. Within a couple of months, when the reports will be published, IT specialists from all over the world will get a strong signal that Perl is alive and produces good results.

I very much enjoyed participating in the 2007 edition : this was a big stress, but also an enriching experience, not only on the technical aspects, but also on the collaboration skills under strong pressure. Unfortunately I could not register for the 2011 edition, because at work we had to prepare a major organisational change for 01.01.2011, which left us absolutely no time to think of anything else (not even to blog .. see above!).

So, all the best for the three Perl teams, thanks for having registered, and I'm sure you will show to the world that our technology is excellent for productivity, conciseness, flexibility and so much more.