Thursday, February 9, 2012

Plat-forms 2012 : Perl on Amazon Web Services ?

A new edition of the Plat-forms programming competition will take place in Berlin, 2nd to 4th of April --- see the announcement.

I enjoyed participating in the 2007 edition (see our report from that time), so I'm tempted to apply again; currently I'm trying to convince people to join in a team, and to convince my management to support this initiative.

However, my worry is that this year's competition is targeted at cloud computing and Amazon Web Services (AWS),  of which I know nothing ... and the web site, which advertises "developer centers" for various languages, doesn't say a word about Perl. So it seems that quite an investment will be needed for learning how to use this environment and build up appropriate tools for a Perl AWS ecosystem.

Am I too pessimistic ? Is it much simpler than what I think ? If anybody has information about Perl projects on AWS, please post comments here. Thanks in advance, Laurent D.