Monday, August 8, 2011

DBIx::DataModel 2.0 is on the way

DBIx::DataModel version 2.0 is on the way.

It will be a major refactoring, introducing a metaobject layer, choice between single-schema or multi-schema mode, support for table inheritance, for arbitrary join clauses, for bulk updates and deletes; the API has been made more "perlish" (replacing camelCaseMethods by methods_with_underscores). A dev version is already on CPAN; the code seems to be quite stable now, but the distribution is still lacking in documentation and tests, so I'm not sure it will be fully ready before YAPC::EU::2011 ... but at least the slides are ready (see if your are interested).

The last major refactoring was version 1.0 in 2008, and the first published version was 0.10 in 2005, so I seem to be following a 3-year schedule !

I really hope that DBIx-DataModel will get some more visibility, because it has some features that are quite original in the (big) world of Perl ORMs, and could probably be useful to other people. For those of you who will be in Riga : come at the talk !

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