Thursday, February 9, 2012

Plat-forms 2012 : Perl on Amazon Web Services ?

A new edition of the Plat-forms programming competition will take place in Berlin, 2nd to 4th of April --- see the announcement.

I enjoyed participating in the 2007 edition (see our report from that time), so I'm tempted to apply again; currently I'm trying to convince people to join in a team, and to convince my management to support this initiative.

However, my worry is that this year's competition is targeted at cloud computing and Amazon Web Services (AWS),  of which I know nothing ... and the web site, which advertises "developer centers" for various languages, doesn't say a word about Perl. So it seems that quite an investment will be needed for learning how to use this environment and build up appropriate tools for a Perl AWS ecosystem.

Am I too pessimistic ? Is it much simpler than what I think ? If anybody has information about Perl projects on AWS, please post comments here. Thanks in advance, Laurent D.


  1. While Amazon doesn't have a special section for perl, if you dig a bit, you'll find links to perl libs for working with their services.
    For example, in the EC2 section, there is this link


  3. Besides there being Perl bindings to their API, AWS can just be treated like a normal system since it's just virtual machines. If you don't want to use their queue or their simple db or their email service, you don't have to, you can use whatever software you want that will run on linux.

    Although you will probably be behind a bit if you have to take some time to setup your own stuff instead of using theirs.

  4. I've had Perl running on their Elastic MapReduce Hadoop streaming service. Seems to work okay. As others have said, you do have to do a bit more digging than other languages.

  5. At worst you can also use a Heroku buildpack. I know I've seen at least one for Perl on github

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