Saturday, November 10, 2012

updated Data::Domain and new Test::InDomain

This is to announce new modules on CPAN:

a) module Data::Domain, written a couple of years ago for checking input from Web forms, now has number of new functionalities in v1.02  : new builtin domains 'Nat', 'Handle', 'Regexp', 'Obj', 'Class', 'Ref', new properties like -isweak, -readonly, etc., and new experimental support for checking method calls and coderef calls. Also, it now relies on Scalar::Does (for having a nice uniform way of checking what references "do" either as builtin Perl operations, or through overloaded methods), and on Sub::Exporter (for allowing clients to rename the imported functions). If you need to check deep datastructures against complex constraints, possibly with contextual dependencies or even recursive rules, then this module may be of interest to you.

b) the new module Test::InDomain is a wrapper around Data::Domain for writing automated tests; it sits more or less in the same niche as Test::Deep, but with a different API and some differences in functionalities.

I hope it might be useful to some of you. Have a look, and let me know of any comments/suggestions.

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