Saturday, February 17, 2018

Very positive and refreshing articles on Perl 5 -- example for embedded systems

 Michel Conrad recently wrote two very positive articles on Perl 5. Those were relayed on the  LinkedIn Perl group but I haven't seen them on  usual Perl sites, so I share them here in the hope they get propagated better. :

The second article is very interesting in that it shows an unusual application area for Perl : realtime graphics for a car dashboard ! This reminded me of a very interesting presentation many years ago at the French Perl Workshop 2005 , where we saw an application driving all vehicles on the apron of Port Airport.



  1. BNoth links redirect to another system for authentication, is that intentional?

    1. Oops ... that's a mistake, I copy-pasted from the wrong source. Thanks a lot, I'll fix it immediately.